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Melt-It Off with Mitch Gaylord Reviews

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  • Melt It OFF scam!!

    the exercise progam is great but BE WARNED the enroll you in all kinds of programs with extra charges that you wont know about until you see your credit card bill. The people on the phone are outsourced and not helpful at all - it takes forever for them to understand you or credit your account. i am so sorry ordered this product it's not worth the time i had to spend on the phone repeatedly trying to get my account credited. Very unhappy customer. i think this is a scam. More...
    RobinF's Picture   RobinF    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible experience

    This company needs to be reported to the Better Business Bureau for their shameful practices.I ordered this dvd online after seeing the infomercial. I kept receiveing calls from a call center trying to sign me up for some service that I clearly told the representative I did not want.I was extremely disappointed when the package arrived and did not include all of the items promised in the infomercial. I just received a bill for some pills that I did not order. I called customer serivce to stop this shipment and future shipments. We'll see if that actually happens.This is a scam.... More...
    amberroberson's Picture   amberroberson    0 Comments   Comments
  • tv advertised, internet and phone call orders

    These people "record" the conversations between you and them. Ask to hear the conversation from your order if you called in or if you called in to cancel something. Use the court system in your favor but make sure you give true facts and not falsify any information because they can come back and get you if they choose to. I dealt with the customer service jerks on a number of occasions because they were charging me for pills and services I never asked for, but they said that that's what I ordered. So I told them when you order it online or by phone there is not much options... More...
    pfcpack's Picture   pfcpack    0 Comments   Comments
  • So disappointed review

    All I wanted was to purchase a reasonably priced workout dvd. While trying to do so I had to turn down nearly a dozen additional ridiculous add ons, only to find I was automatically enrolled in several trial programs. A day or two after placing my initial order I called to cancel any subscriptions and the male customer service rep assured me all was cancelled and I would not see any further charges. That was in October and for the last 5 months I've been charged $26.98 and can not get them to let me speak with a manager let alone offer a refund. I feel completely abused and ripped... More...

    Just recently ordered the Melt if OFF package advertised on T.V. what a terrible terrible time that was. The phone system is completely automated and you say yes or no if you would like to add all these extras, but even the slightest sound you make or any background noise, i am finding out now that all these extras i apparently said yes to. WHICH I DID NOT!! I called immediately afterwards to comfirm what i had just ordered and she told me all i had purchased< the melt it off package, 2 extra dvds, the free gel bal, along with 2 extra gel balls, meal replacement shakes, 2 bottles of... More...
    stoopoface's Picture   stoopoface    0 Comments   Comments
  • Melt it Off Scam Mitch Gaylord

    I am so disgusted with this company. When I used the telephone to order, I only ordered the basic fitness video/ball and the vitamin/online club. They sent me the additional DVD's, and when I called to ask for a return shipping label, I was told that that was what I ordered (basically calling me a liar). So I was told after more than a 45 min. phone call that the "BEST" they could do was to credit my account immediately upon receipt of the DVD's (which I had to pay to ship myself!). I sent them back, and guess what!? No, they haven't credited my account even though... More...
    donewiththis's Picture   donewiththis    0 Comments   Comments
  • Program

    I called today to complain about the continuity program charges, which I did not remember seeing on the purchase page where my credit card number was given. I was told that the information was printed on the PACKING SLIP for the DVD and Ball. I believe our State Attorney General's office has dealt with "orders" like this and since he is a friend, noted that I would be contacting them. A supervisor finally said they would credit the add-on web club and vitamin charges in 7-10 days. More...
    beckydewan's Picture   beckydewan    2 Comments   Comments

    After reading much of your responses, I considered this product quite a rip-off. I contacted the company and requested a confirmation number and told the order person that I was recording the conversation-which I was. When I inquired that this closes out my account and I in no way will be charged in the future, the tone of her voice was not reassuring. No need to cancel your credit care, just contact the credit card company and immediately change the number. It's inconvenient, but this company will no longer have access to your account. More...

    So I bought Mitch Gaylord program, which so doesn't work. I work out everyday I mountain bike, run, ect. I bought the program to tone my upper body. Which after two months I see no difference, but what my problem is you get these boost essential pills with it. What I didn't know is that it is an automatic shipment. The writing is so small when you order it is something you have to radar eyes to see. Now I can't get Essential boost to stop sending me these pills. I have called several times emailed them, but to no aveil. This is just crappy. I will have to cancel my credit... More...
  • Feeling Trapped

    Last week I ordered Melt it off with Mitch Gaylord DVD to give a family member for a birthday gift. I was on the phone for 31 minutes listening to offers for different products, and responded NO to everything. I was afraid to hang up because my order was never confirmed and I did not want to be charged for anything else. Finally, the advertising ended and I was informed that my DVD would be sent in so many weeks. After I hung up I was so frustrated that I looked up Melt it Off reviews on line, and couldn't believe the bad reviews, so I e-mailed Melt it Off and told them I never got... More...
    feelingused's Picture   feelingused    0 Comments   Comments
  • Melt It Off Scam

    I ordered this product a month ago, paid in full, and thought everything was fine. Now I have been charged $50 for some vitamins that I did not order. I called and they said that I can wait for them to be delivered (in 2 weeks), ship them back (another 2 weeks), and wait 7-10 business days for them to process this order that I never placed. I am so upset! My order was linked to my checking account and I am a teacher, I'm not getting a pay check this summer, so I don't have an extra $50 to waste on a scam like this. I will NEVER order from this company again. More...
    kristyn25's Picture   kristyn25    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible Ordering Process

    This was the WORST ordering process that I have ever experienced. Never have I had to go through soooooo many prompts to get an order placed - I would have hung up but was afraid I'd end up getting charged with recurring charges so stuck it out. I did get the product but haven't tried it yet - still trying to decide if I'm going to return everything with using it. Tried calling customer service to make sure that I'm not going to have any recurring charges but since after everything I wasn't sure - got bounced around and finally reached someone who asurred me that... More...
    Katie51's Picture   Katie51    1 Comments   Comments
  • Don't BUY!!!!

    Bad Business Practices - Don't BUY from them!!!!! Durning the phone order process, I hung up due to the number of sales promotions. I never confirmed the order. The next day my credit card had been charged a very large amount. I immediately called customer service 800.710.2848, they promised to reverse the frees to my credit card and stop the order from being shipped. 2 days later I called back to ensure the cancellation occured ONLY TO FIND the order is "still in the shipping process" and my credit card fees have not been reversed. More...
    ally's Picture   ally    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don't order this!!!

    I ordered product - claim on TV was try the product for 19.99 and 6.99 shipping. Add shakes trial for $1. The product arrived today and the charge on my credit card was $111.74 and owing $123. What a ripoff - none of the promises made by the customer service rep are correct - the shipping was $31.75. Don't make the same mistake - these are bogus offers. When I called to have it corrected, she yelled at me and sounded like she was underwater then tried to get me to order more. So I ended up yelling at her as she didn't listen and kept interrupting me!!! I hate these people and this... More...
    geri's Picture   geri    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rip it off

    I made the mistake of ordering the Melt it off medicine ball online and got much more than I intended. I also canceled my "membership" and have still been charged - twice on the "vitamins" you get hooked on for. I only wanted the exercise ball, nothing else. If you complain, they don't even know what the item is - I have an email that has incorrect information about their own item. This has become a major problem and requesting a refund is met with words but no actions. DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!! Just go to your local superstore and get a medicine ball, stop by the... More...
    michelledana's Picture   michelledana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tricky!!

    I'm VERY unhappy with the way that I feel I was tricked. When signing up for this program online, it kept asking do you want this extra thing or that extra thing or what have you. I kept clicking NO. I received the package and all was well. I like the program. However, I discovered a charge to my credit card today that is some AUTOMATIC entrollment into a "continuity program" WHAT?!?!? I SAID NOOOOO!!!! The gentleman on the other end of the line was like "oh it tells you its an automatic enrollment when you submit your credit card information." NO IT DOES... More...
    Kriztyn's Picture   Kriztyn    1 Comments   Comments
  • Have Patience!

    After reading the posted reviews regarding the supplement hassle, I decided to order the Melt It Off program via phone to avoid enrollment in the pill program at all. I'm so glad I did, however, after 28 minutes and 14 declines later, I finally had my order confirmed. I was honestly ready to almost scream when the misery ended. It's really a shame that this company continues to hound you with additional products, gas cards and free wal-mart "vouchers". It's insulting and frustrating. I hope the product turns out to be good after all of this! Watch yourself... More...
    oregon1's Picture   oregon1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scam

    When I received the parcel it contained mostly Tapes not DVD's I was 'enrolled' in the monthly shipping of the 'wonder pills' that never work! It cost me over $30 dollars to return it registered and insured. So I spent over $72 on the original order, paid $30 to sent it back and I have just recived my refund of $49 !!!!! so they don't refund the original shipping charges if you are not happy with shipment. More...
    Skytigger's Picture   Skytigger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Be careful it is an scam!

    I should have read these reviews first so I don't get ripped off as I did. They don't tell you that you are going to be charged every month $ 29. I was surprised when I checked my credit card statement this month and found out a transaction for $ 29 with Melt it Off. I called to "customer service" and a guy called Bryan told me that I had signed up for a monthly shipment of "vitamins boost" or something like that. My reaction was WHAT! They don't talk about it on the web page, they don't advertise it on TV that you are going to be paying for ever...DO... More...
  • Read the fine print or pay way more than this product is worth

    I won't knock the actual workout because I think that is fairly sound but I do definitely have a bone to pick with the automatic enrollment in the Essential Boost reorder. I had read the fine print where it said you would automatically be sent a new bottle of the Essential Boost so I did try to cancel that portion of it, unfortunately, apparently I didn't get it canceled soon enough because I was sent my 2nd bottle of the pills and assured by customer service that the automatic service on my account had been canceled and that I would not be charged anymore. I was charged $26.98 a... More...

    When you buy the DVDs they sign you up for an automatic supplement program and start charging your credit card! If you go back and look at the website you can find one tiny and very vague sentence that sort of says this, but not very clearly! You get your videos (which are just OK, nothing special) and then a couple of weeks later you get these surprise shipments of Green Tea supplements - and the credit card charge to go with it! Scam, Scam, Scam! More...
    dixielane's Picture   dixielane    1 Comments   Comments

    The program comes with a supplement that's $31 a month which by the way you are automatically enrolled to when you purchase the DVD. When I saw a charge on my CC because I was not aware of the "Automatic Membership" customer service told me it was in the back of the invoice and also on the website! Yeah right, if it was they made sure it would be difficult to see, how convenient for this company to put the auto membership on the back of the invoice! Anyway they won't refund you the money unless you pay for you own shipping fees and you'd have to wait 7-10 business... More...
    dceleste22's Picture   dceleste22    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complete waste of money (and time)

    The single least effective workout video I have ever tried. I wore a heart rate monitor during the "cardio burn and sculpt" and the highest my heart rate got was 60% of max. The "high calorie melt" does actually get it up thanks to intermittent high tempo moves. Will your muscles get a workout? Yeah, but despite all the claims of breakthrough exclusive amazing workout technique, i can walk you through the entire DVD right now. Lunge forward 20 times. lunge backward 20 times. lunge to the side 10 times. squat 20 times. repeat. repeat. repeat. done it for 20... More...
    doorkeepr's Picture   doorkeepr    0 Comments   Comments
  • This Company SUCKS

    I ordered the crappy video, which is bad enough, except that now, apparently I am indentured forever to pay them $19.99 per month for a supplement that I did not order. They are stealing from people. I NEVER agreed to order any supplement, and they drop-shipped it to me. Even after I refused shipment on the second box AND called their rude customer service people, they've now charged me again for a second box, which I've not even received (so I could refuse). More...
    melryan's Picture   melryan    1 Comments   Comments
  • Melt It Off dvd

    This DVD was the worst exercise video I have ever seen. It looked like it was made in the basement of Mitch's house with bizarrely shaped participants with the phone video camera. Ugh. Not to mention that they keep sending me (and charging me for this supplement I never wanted and asked them not to send in the first place. They simply do not care once they have gotten your visa card number More...
    denise127's Picture   denise127    3 Comments   Comments
  • Awful Online/Customer Service Experience

    I haven't received the videos yet (which I'm really looking forward to), but my online ordering and customer service experience was NOT good. First off, after you they order the product they DO NOT give you a break down of the costs (only a total) for you to review. Then, they charged me $4.00 more than what was originally calculated. Also, it takes a day or so before you are in the system and you do not receive an email unless you ask (had to call customer service about that). I also didn't realize that they continue to send you the vitamins and charge your account unless... More...
    larise's Picture   larise    0 Comments   Comments
  • Get it from ebay or watch your bank account

    Love the package you get from the infomercial. It works. It's great. I was billed 50 plus dollars for my initial shipment. I canceled immediately but apparently not fast enough to stop the next shipment. I didn't receive another shipment of green tea pills (3 dollars at walgreens) However I got the second set of discs. Horrible instructor! She's like nails on a chalkboard. I was billed 26.99 TWO DAYS IN A ROW. Customer service said I was to get two boxes of discs but 1 box went back to the factory so they only refunded 19.99 . Nope.. they did not refund anything. I... More...
  • SCAM

    I ordered the product. I was sent Essential Boost which I did not order. I was sent a second order which I did not order. I was charged for all of this. It cost me nealry $4.00 to return and Melt-It off with Mitch Gaylord did not refund the postage of the second shipment. Total loss $11.00 and 2 hours of my valuable time. I will also report to the Better Business Bureau. I haven't touched the DVD...want nothing to do with this scam. I would like to return everything and receive all money that I have invested in this scam. More...
    vabelle's Picture   vabelle    4 Comments   Comments

    I read these reviews the day I bought this and thought that I would still give it a try! The video itself is really good. I have seen results and I am going to continue to do them. HOWEVER.....I have now been charged well over $100 and i'm sure there will be more charges. They will get you for every little thing they can. Its really not worth buying this. Go to Sports Authority or something and buy a small medicine ball and get a kick boxing video. It'll do the same thing. Take the reviews to heart and trust me....its not worth the headache!!! More...
    lanny3105's Picture   lanny3105    0 Comments   Comments
  • Be prepared to pay more - a lot more

    Watch out for the fine print on this one. When you buy Olympic Gold Medal winner - Mitch Gaylord's workout DVD's you are also buying an autoshipment plan for expensive vitamins. The web page notes that with your DVD's you get: "FREE Supply of our Essential Boost fat burning supplement" Nowhere on the receipt you print does it say that by buying these DVD's you are also signing up for auto-shipment of vitamins of $26.98 per month. The only place you find the mention of the autship is on the shopping cart page in the small print to the left. That is... More...
    Gotburnt's Picture   Gotburnt    27 Comments   Comments


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