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Melt-It Off with Mitch Gaylord Reviews

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  • You MUST use it to lose it!!

    To All who put this program down. I totally do not believe you truly used it. . . truly followed the chart, and truly did not sabatage your workount with a bad diet. Seriously, I worked out from the time I was 17 years old, regularly. When I was 30 years old, I broke my foot and could not exercise for 11 months. My foot would not heal. I had to walk flat footed for 9.5 months after I got my cast off. It took me 3 years to get my mind set back. The one where you treat exercise like brushing your teeth or doing your hair in the morning. Finally, I'm there again. I have... More...
    mplumm's Picture   mplumm    5 Comments   Comments
  • Great Product/Listen For Details

    Researched and saw several complains so i waited to order until I had some spare quiet time to listen when ordering. The company does offer the supplements and about 10 other things and you have to listen to deny the offers. I'm pretty sure to decline all the offers you press 0. The only other offers I accepted were the other videos from Mitch @ $9.99/e for $2.99 s&h that covered both dvds. Also i had the express shipping so i got my product within a week. I think the workout is great but if you're pretty bad out of shape & lose ur breath easily it might be better to try... More...
  • 8 lbs in 3 days!

    I lost 8 lbs in 3 days and 12 lbs the first week. I started my 1st diet at 13 yrs old and just turned 40. I am 80 lbs overweight. This workout just 'clicked' for me. I have tried Tae Bo, Slim in 6, Power 90 and Turbo Jam. None of which I liked or lost much weight with. I LIKE this workout and the eating plan is EASY to follow. I did think it took a long time to ship(3 weeks) and I researched the product before I bought it so I was aware of the autoship supplements. Also Mitch is easy on the eyes!! More...
    SkyWillow's Picture   SkyWillow    0 Comments   Comments
  • Super-Effective Workout!

    After being obese for the last 17 years-I lost 70 pounds with weightwatchers. Then looked "sickly" I ordered Melt-It-off and by phone it was highly irritating, but canceling the Boost pills was no problem. The workout is more effective for toning and sculpting and burning kcalories than anything else I've tried, even jogging and NordicTracking. I have defined arms, legs, butt, and have lost 4 inches off my waist. It is effective and ordered next pair of balls with GREAT results, as far as strengthening goes. Mitch is motivational and encouraging without being fake/overdone.... More...
    asbell6's Picture   asbell6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Melt-It Off with Mitch Gaylord

    Apparently there have been some difficulties with the ordering portion of this program albeit I had none. This is an excellent workout program. If you want glitz, a fancy studio setting or head bangin' music, this is not for you. However, if you want to sweat your a _ _ off and lose weight, it's a great program. I would recommend you upgrading your initial order to include both the 4 and 6 pound balls as you will want them if you continue on with his program. Remember, you don't need to know how to dance or do anything fancy to get a high heartbeat and sweaty workout... More...
    Peaser's Picture   Peaser    0 Comments   Comments
  • Melt It Off pleased so far

    I recently ordered the Melt It Off Program by Mitch Gaylord. I was a little bothered first as some of the other customers with the way the online ordering was handled. I placed my order online and did take advantage of the rush shipping. I was careful not to accept any additional add-ons other than that. My first charge with rush will be $39.12 ($19.99 for program with two pays of $9.99 + 14.32 regular shipping+ $14.81 rush shipping) not sure why you pay a regular and rush but I went with it. Order was placed on Sunday the 24th before Memorial Day Weekend. I did receive a email confirmation... More...
  • No problems, Great workout

    I ordered Melt it off after seeing an informercial on tv. I ordered it online the next day despite reading some negative reviews about the company. I did notice online that the product was "in-stock" so I went ahead. I ordered on Monday, 3/23/09 and did not purchase quicker shipping or handling... just regular shipping. The package was shipped on Wed 3/24 and I received it on Wed 3/31 via UPS ground. I'm in Michigan and they ship from California, so it was a normal wait. I immediately called to cancel the auto shipment of vitamins with no took maybe 30... More...
    flintchick's Picture   flintchick    0 Comments   Comments

    I don't know why so many people complain, duh the phone order is going to take forever because you have to go through all the "special" additions. I ordered online and was able to decline or accept just as easy and I checked out in 5 minutes and about an hour later got a confirmation e-mail which matched the amount they told me on the website! I also got a phone number and e-mail address in case I needed to cancel my order or cancel the auto 30-day supply of vitamins! I loved ordering online because it was easy and simple. And to everyone complaining about how hard the... More...
    Smurfette87's Picture   Smurfette87    1 Comments   Comments
  • Great work out

    I have several exercise work out DVDs and tapes, but the only one that I really enjoy is Mitch Gaylord's "Melt it off" My favorite is Cardio Sculp & Burn. I am 73 years old so I modify some of the exercises, but it is working for me. I have not been able to do the Sizzlin' ABS all the way through, but I am working on it a little at the time. So if you are looking for a great work out buy Mitch Gaylor's "Melt it off" you'll enjoy it. More...
    beahawaii's Picture   beahawaii    0 Comments   Comments
  • What a Work Out!

    I bought the program several months ago and just let it sit as I do all the other work out programs I get. ( sigh ) Any way, I took it out of the box to investigate it and see if this truly was something I could do and would like to do?! I LOVE IT! Let me tell you what a work out you get!! I did the 10 min work out to start with....I'm way out of shape and I can do 10 mins. My legs felt like rubber after my first work out. You feel it let me tell you!!!! Get it, it's worth the loot!!! More...
    lemondrop's Picture   lemondrop    1 Comments   Comments


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