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Melt-It Off with Mitch Gaylord Reviews

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  • Unauthorized use of credit card

    I am having my bank account charged $19.99 every month, illegaly and WITHOUT my knowledge or consent. About 6 months ago I called the number provided on a TV ad for the Melt-it-off with Mitch Gaylord excersize video and Ball. It was a horrible experience, the automated order line used every trick in the book to get me to add to the offer I had seen and called about. There were 8 or 10 additional products and a very confusing express shipping offer that I was very careful to NOT order. I made it VERY CLEAR that I only wanted the minimum offer as was on TV. I would have just hung up but was... More...
  • Supplements

    My issue is with not just Mitch Gaylord's program, my issue is with The Essential Boost what comes in it. Mitch sets you up with an automatic shipment which isn't right now I can not stop receiving this product I never wanted. I wanted the exercise program not some get slim quick scheme. I have called Essential boost and cancelled, I have sent emails. Mitch needs to stop setting unsuspecting customers this automatic shipment. There are so many people like myself just getting ripped off and because they have my credit card info and the only thing to do to stop it is to cancel your... More...
  • Melt It Off Scam

    I ordered this product a month ago and they saved my credit card info to charge me for additional products that I did not order. When I called they basically said I have to wait at least a month for my refund, once I get the product and return it to them. This is a scam. They used my credit card when I did not authorize it and because this credit card is linked to my debit card I could incur overdraft charges now that I believe they should have to pay. More...
  • Customer Service Issue

    I have been trying to get a replacement Melt it Off program guide with the 3 day and 7 day diets in it for 2 months. I left mine in my cart at the supermarket and when I went back it was gone. I haven't even gotten to try this program because it has been impossible to get a replacement 3 day diet/7 day diet program/replacement guide!!!! I have dealt with customer service several times over the past 6 weeks with out any resolve. A customer is not able to order a replacement guide online. You have to go through customer service to order one. The first time I was told they had... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • Rip Off

    I did not sign up for any supplements but when my credit card got charge $31 I called customer service and the guy seemed like he was determined not to credit me my money back before he even heard my story! He said I was automatically enrolled! Since when do you get enrolled into something without your consent?? I was told that I would have to pay for the shipping fees plus tracking number of the items that was already mailed out to me if I was to return it and the credit will post within 7-10 business days! That's not fair at all! Total rip off, never again will I buy anything... More...
  • Unclear of charge to my Credit Card

    Place an order for Melt-It off with Mitch Gaylord via your 1-800-445-8121 number on 11/15/08. After the lengthly call and mutiliple 'declines' of various additional offers, the call ended w/o stating the amount being charged to my account or an offer to cancel my order. Please improve these options on your phone ordering system. It is important to the buyer to get the grand total being charged to their account and of course an option to accept or decline/change their mind! If an email address is supplied to you as I supplied, you should at a minimum follow-up with an email to... More...


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